Wedding Wednesday | Why have a Wedding Album?

In the days and weeks after your wedding, you’ll most likely be excited to share your wedding photos online with family and friends via social media.  It’s a fast and easy way to distribute them to everyone. Welcome to the 21st Century!  But don’t let that be the ultimate fate of your beloved wedding images, banished to an eternal existence in the forgotten corners of the interwebs! A bit dramatic, no? Maybe. But, in case you can’t tell, I feel strongly about what happens to your wedding images!

In this digital age, with fleeting attention spans, it can be easy to quickly forget about memories that are shared digitally.  I think it’s still important to have something physical you can hold on to. That’s why we include an album with every Wedding Collection we offer.  “Why spend the extra money on a wedding album?” you may ask.  There are three main reasons:

Your images will look their best when printed

This may be a selfish reason, but high resolution images are meant to be enjoyed in a physical format. While digital images are easier to share and look fine in their own right, you get the full effect of the emotion of a moment when looking at the image in person.

You will be able to enjoy your images more readily

You know how when you have a bunch of digital images, saved on your computer for instance, you’re less likely to look at them often? Especially when friends and family visit. You’re usually caught up in spending time enjoying each other’s company. But you know what people will inevitably pick up and look at together? A wedding album.

You will have an album that your family will cherish for years to come

So often we may have a one or two, perhaps a few images, from our parent’s or grandparent’s wedding. It’s those images that give you a glimpse at the beginning of your heritage. We just can’t get enough of them! Now imagine being able to leave your children and grandchildren an heirloom quality album that tells the story of the beginning of their heritage. That’s the treasure you get when you have a quality, custom, fine art wedding album made.

We love making your images and we hope you will enjoy them just as much, even more!

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